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South Beach Smoke E Cig Review

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Review of Kits and Pricing South Beach Smoke’s Starter Kits range from $21.99 up to $159.99. Their refills prices are $34.99-$39.99 for a pack of 15 and $111.96-$127.96 for 40 cartridges. The Deluxe Starter Kit Includes  ($59.99): 1 Standard Battery – NEW SuperMAXTM Battery 1 Extra-Capacity Battery – NEW SuperMAXTM Battery 1 Deluxe USB Charger […]

eSmoke Electronic Cigarette Reviews

eSmoke E Cigs Review

Review of Kits and Pricing eSmoke starter kits range from $49.95 to $249.95. Here is an example of two of their kits… The Basic Starter Kit for $74.95 includes: 1 Lithium Battery 5 Tobacco Cartridges 1 USB Charger 1 Wall Charger 1 Manual 1 eSmoke Membership Card The PRO Express Starter Kit for $129.95 Includes: […]

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the safe cig review

Safe Cig Writes to the NY Times – A Must Read Regarding E Cigarettes

The Safe Cig Writes a Full-Page N.Y. Times Letter to the World Health Organization to Raise Awareness   (Click to read it now) Update: The Safe Cig is no longer…   Safe Cig leaves customers in sorry state… See our list of top 10 e cigs companies and make a educated decision today! Read the Safe […]

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10 Electronic Cigarette FAQ’s

The electronic cigarette is quickly rising in popularity as more smokers become aware of this healthier smoking alternative. For the first time an alternative nicotine delivery system is available that closely simulates a real smoking experience. Many people believe this will lead to countless smoker’s lives being saved*. This looking new technology is looking very […]


Frii E Cigs Are A Best Seller

As of September 2012 Frii E Cigs Is Still Leading of the Pack Well, looking at e-cig reviews and sales, one company is doing better than first thought.. Frii E-Cigarettes are giving our 3 top picks a run for their money. And though it was a little surprising at first, when you look at the facts, […]

Quit Smoking Help - Can E Cigs Help?

Quit Smoking Help – Can Switching to an E Cig Help?

 Can E Cigs Offer Smokers “Quit Smoking Help”? Probably. But the companies who sell these devices are not in a position to tell you that. Why? Because the FDA has not approved electronic cigarettes, they are not being sold as smoking cessation devices, but rather as a healthier “smoking alternative” for people who want smoke […]

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